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1st Priority Mortgage is committed to serving you during these unprecedented times. To address a number of questions our mortgage professionals are encountering on the frontlines of business, we’re releasing videos in a new weekly 1st Priority series featuring President Brooke Anderson-Tompkins: What Happens When?

Click the video above to watch the most recent video in the series, answering questions from “Are you open for business?” to “What happens if my rate expires?” and more.

For written recaps of each video, including answers to FAQs and the changes to conventional mortgage loans, please visit our Media Room.

Check out all the videos in our What Happens When? series below. New videos are released as there is information to update.

Video 5 -  Released 5/22/20: https://youtu.be/AGrjHeq0Ptg

Video 4 -  Released 4/10/20: https://youtu.be/k7ammAUvKrw

Video 3 -  Released 4/03/20: https://youtu.be/wye7ZkaTlJ4

Video 2 -  Released 3/30/20: https://youtu.be/iH5qal1Bg1g

Video 1 -  Released 3/27/20: https://youtu.be/b6wFj5E7dsQ

1st Priority Mortgage is still working hard to serve you. As each day brings new information, we will adjust accordingly both internally and with the many stakeholders involved with each deal. Contact a 1st Priority Mortgage Consultant for how these responses may impact your deal directly.

We remain operational for all mortgage applications; the above updates apply to conventional mortgage loans. Government loan guidance (FHA, VA & USDA) will be provided as it becomes available. Contact your Mortgage Consultant or Loan Coordinator with questions.

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